Bangkokhooker’s Fishing in Thailand: My favourite payponds

Hello everyone and welcome to my first Bangkok Diaries post.

I’m a Thai person who has spent a little bit of time studying abroad. When I got moved back to Thailand three years ago I decided to pick up my childhood hobby, fishing. Soon enough I found myself spending more time at fishing venues than at the bars. After realising that most of the information, regarding fishing in Thailand, was either in Thai or through some fishing tour company I decided to contribute my share to the international community who are interested in the angling arts by starting a blog.

Living in Thailand, I often hear many of my friends complain about the lack of things to do in the South East Asian City of Angels. Sooner or later people get sick of all the cheap booze, the dingy bar scene and the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle. Little did these friends of mine know that inside this concrete jungle of over 11 million inhabitants (or was it 9 million? I lose count) there is a thriving fishing industry. It started becoming even more clear to them when popular fishing TV shows, like River Monsters, started checking out Thailand’s fishing potential (speaking of fishing shows in Thailand here’s a quick run down).

The most popular places to go fishing in Bangkok are at pay ponds, artificial bodies of water filled with fish where anglers can pay a fee in order to have a go at catching them. You know, sort of like going to a “lounge” instead of trying your chances at a night club. Pay ponds can be the time-starved Bangkokian’s answer to the weekend outdoor activity. Rod rentals, fishing guides, restaurants and all sorts of creature comforts can be found at most fishing ponds meaning that that the avid angler would not have to invest in buying his/her own gear while there are facilities for the angler’s tag-alongs to enjoy because let’s face it, nothing kills the moment more than a whiny partner (unless you are Jackie Chan’s character from Rush Hour, that’d be funny).

Compiled here are some of the ponds that I have been frequenting including some basic details such as price, the type of fishing, target fish species, pond location and creature comfort ratings. As for google locations and further details, click on their respective links to check them out.


Pond name: Bungsamran.

Operating hours: They are never closed, NEVER.

Target species:  Mekong giant catfish, striped catfish, Siamese giant carp and arapaima.

Fishing type: Bait fishing.

Location: Nawamin soi 42.

Contact: 02-734-9272,

Price: B400 for Thais or farangs with work permits, B1,000 for farangs without work permits. B20,000 for the arapaima fishing license.

Summary: The fish here are BIG and quite commonly break people’s rods. Anyone with some money can rock in and catch a monster fish with the help of a paid guide (B1,000). It would be the perfect bait fishing pond if they don’t have the evil racist double-pricing. An un-geared visitor without a working permit or fishing skills can be expected to pay around B3,000 for a great day of fishing.

Creature comforts: Simply the best of any  pond. An internet cafe, convenience store, cafe, restaurant and very cheap massages (B120-180 per hour). You can even rent personal fishing bungalows (B800-5,000). Also toilets are clean. This is the perfect place to bring a non-fishing significant other.

Gear rental: Yes.


Pond name: Sukuna.

Operating hours: Open daily 10am-10pm.

Target species:  striped catfish and Mekong giant catfish.

Fishing type:  Bait fishing.

Location: Soi Mungkorn-Kandi Km. Soi entrance is located at 8 Theparak, Muang Samut Prakan. About 30km from downtown Bangkok.

Contact: 02-755-4433.

Price:  B100 per rod on weekdays, B120 per rod on Saturdays, B150 per rod on Sundays and B60 after 6pm everyday.

Summary:  Sukana is the poor man’s Bungsamran. Most of the fish here are the smaller striped catfish but those waiting to catch a Mekong giant will have a chance with a little more patience. Plus, the pond doesn’t discriminate in pricing. The people here can also mix your bait for you in their mixing machine free of charge.

Creature comforts: The pond has many little stone gazebos scattered across their lush grassy grounds making this quite the nice place to take someone on a date. The restaurant here is not bad and the toilets are clean.

Gear rental: yes.


Pond name: Amazon BKK

Operating hours: Open daily 6am-9pm.

Target species:  Arapaima, red tail catfish and red tail/tiger hybrid catfish.

Fishing type:  Lure and fly fishing.

Location: Ratchmontri road near Phutthamonthon sai 1.

Contact: 081-426-4203.

Price: B500 per rod for full day, B300 per rod for half day.

Summary: Here is an affordable pond where one can catch exotic fish species such as the arapaima and the red tail via artificial fishing without having to break the bank. The venue and is not too big and neither are the fish (arapaimas are about 50kg max but mostly around 5-10kg) but hey, it’s cheaper than Bungsamran’s B20,000 fee.

Creature comforts: Amazon’s setting is quite gorgeous. A lush green garden filled with a variety of plants surrounding several hand carved Bungalows, this place is quite fantastic to bring a date except for the toilets which aren’t that welcoming.

Gear rental: No.


Pond name: Pilot 111.

Operating hours: Open daily 6am-9pm.

Target species:  Barramundi, giant snakehead, striped snakehead, spotted featherback and rock catfish.

Fishing type:  Lure and fly fishing.

Location: Bangna-trad kilometre 39.5.

Contact: 086-316-8773.

Price: B500 per rod.

Summary: With eight different ponds and so many fish species divided into separate ponds as well as very little trees in the way this is easily the best lure and fly fishing pond at the moment.

Creature comforts: The facilities here are basic but very clean. The manicured lawns, the spotlessly clean restaurant and bathroom makes you feel like you’re at a golf club.

Gear rental: No.


Pond name: Texas Chuan Chom.

Operating hours: flexible, just call the owner.

Target species: Barramundi, giant snakehead, striped snakehead and rock catfish.

Fishing type: Lure fishing.

Location: Thanon Pracha Samran, Khlong sip song, Nong Chok.

Contact: Saek – 081-383-4151.

Price: B100 to fish in one pond and B200 to fish in all five ponds.

Summary: This humble little pond is run by a passionate lure fisherman who is obsessed with the Texas rig method of fishing. The striped snakehead pond is dedicated exclusively to this fishing method. This pond is for the serious angler and is exceptionally difficult but worth the challenge.

Creature comforts: They have a bamboo gazebo that sits on top of one of the ponds and they have a pretty good kitchen here. The bathroom needs a little work but it’s not the worst I’ve seen.

Gear rental: No, but the owner will lend you his and can sell you some rubber lures.


That’s it, I hope this can inspire some of you to pick up the wonderful art of fishing in this wonderful city. Until next we meet, fun times and tight lines!



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  1. Thanks for the detailed information. It sounds like a nice way to spend the day. It is true people always complain there’s not much to do but there is a whole other world on the outskirts of Bangkok. Please post more activity suggestions 🙂

  2. crystallinesheen

    Really great article, I have been planning my trip to Thailand later on this year and plan to do a bunch of fishing while I am there. I really want to catch a Mekong giant catfish and snakehead, and I saw that there is some good marlin fishing down in the islands. I was inspired by the River Monsters show and want to go catch a giant freshwater stingray. Those things are tremendous! Man, it would be wild to bring up one of those massive creatures. Thanks for the article, I would be stoked to read more Thai fishing articles. You are right, there’s not a whole lot about it on the internet.

  3. Thanks for reading!

    and yes, it’s really hard to find any information about fishing in Thailand on the internet. It’s out there somewhere but not enough articles in English. I’ve been busy with my own blog lately and haven’t contributed any new material to Bangkok Diaries but will be posting one again soon!

  4. I remember seeing these places around the outskirts of Bangkok Thailand. I think it might be worth a look the next time I drive by. I love fishing, but this seems a little like cheating to me! lol

  5. Good Morning

    I want to come to Thailand to Fish for a week never been before could you suggest good guides?

    What should i expect to be charged for say 1 weeks fishing?

    I have been chatting to Siam Fishing Tours – Jules [[email protected]]

    Are these guys good?

  6. 1st great article and very informative information. I am a thai that has grown up in Texas with a passion for fishing. Bangkok is my other home so I am very pleased to have Bangkok diaries. I look forward to more articles soon.

  7. Neil Richardson

    Great information – will try Sukana
    the posts are quite old is Sukana still running? I would phone but my Thai isnt that good
    Thanks again

  8. Hi, It sounds like a pleasant approach to spending the day. It is genuine individuals dependably gripe there’s not much to do but rather there is an entire another world on the edges of Bangkok. If it’s not too much trouble post greater action recommendations.

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