A Fool and His Money

A fool and his money
they say are soon parted
but that is’nt me
i’m just so good hearted

This morning she called me
at Three Twenty Five
her Mother was sick
and might not survive

“Send money now”
she pleaded through tears
I said that i would
to allay all her fears

“Is Ten Thousand enough”?
i asked to be sure
she said “make it Twenty
you know i so poor”

The girl that i love
has so much bad luck
last month her father
was hit by a truck

I sent what i could
and wished the man well
i think he’s okay
but you never can tell

When the buffalo died
she called me and cried
Western Union she thought
would be best

I sent a months pay
the very next day
she said she would wait
for the rest

My friend said he saw her
with a handsome young guy
all decked out in gold
on a new motosai

I know it’s not true
what on earth was he thinking ?
between me and you
i think he’d been drinking

I know that she’s waiting
to see me again
she say’s that i’m not
like most other men

I was hoping to see her
sometime in July
but i’m working all hours
just to get by

A fool and his money
well that is’nt me
like the girl said
I have “too much jai dee”

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