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I am African American and I just want to write about my experiences here in Thailand just to vent some of my many frustrations here. I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself first I am 26 years old university graduate from the Midwest, I first came to Asia as a Teenager the first country I went to was Japan and I loved it I had a lot of fun I found the people to be very friendly and helpful it was a good cultural exchange and I have many treasured memories from my experiences in Japan. I guess what brought me to Thailand is just seeing what else is out here and I don’t regret coming but I do have daily struggles with living here.

My first big hardship I had to overcome was securing work to be completely honest Thai people will not hire blacks it does happen from time to time but you have to knock on a lot of doors and I remember some days it was so depressing cause I felt like I was knocking forever. I can remember so many times calling schools and they would be so excited to hear my interest in the position I was always very confident talking over the phone but as soon as they would see me… If you are not white and you want to work in Thailand let me give you a tip look for white employers I was lucky and found another American who was running a English school here and he hired me and that’s how I was able to secure work.

Another one of my day to day problems is just self-esteem issues, back home I was a power lifter and a fighter so I have always been into taking good care of my body I don’t think I am handsome but I try but here I feel so ugly… I know it sounds kind of gay and kind of lame for me to say that but men do care how they look and every man wants to look their best, I live in Thailand now and when in Rome do as the Romes do. Sometimes I find myself asking myself if I should be using skin whiteners maybe that would make them value me more as a human being maybe that would make them see me as man. I can remember times walking around in the mall and I can over hear the Thai people talking about me they would say “what’s wrong with his hair”, “he’s so big”, and of course my favorite “I scared”… I hear comments like these often but what makes it all kinda funny is that I’m just as “dark” as one of them for being black my skin is light because my mother is Native American.

I have had good experiences with Thai people but even the good times aren’t all that good. I don’t have many opportunities to meet people when I have its usually at the gym I like to work out and I met a close friend their so for me the gym is always a good place for positive social interactions. I remember I met a guy at the gym, Thai guy real nice he’s in good shape and I don’t know how we got to talking but one day we did I remember we talked for like a hour about bodybuilding. I bumped into him again a couple of days later and this time we got to talking about movies and entertainment and this time we talked even longer then the last time… I didn’t see him for awhile after that but the next time we started talking are conversation was a lot more personal he started talking to me about his family and education and things of that nature and as usual we talked for a long time, I had so much fun talking to him I asked him for his number I figured we could go out and grab a bear and talk more about such things and he said no… We still talk and its always a pleasure he’s a very smart and insightful man but my relationship with him and all other Thai people are departmentalized meaning he only wants to be friends with me at the gym he would never want to spend any real time with me outside of that and that’s the way things are with every Thai guy I know…

Now on to the fun stuff and I’m sure this is what most of you want to hear. How often do I get laid? How often do I go out on dates? Do I have a girlfriend? Well I haven’t had sex in over a year and that’s putting it nicely and I haven’t been out on a date in more than two years and no Thai woman wants to get close enough to me to be my girlfriend. I don’t believe in prostitution and to be honest the racism I have experienced from Thai people has also made me racist as well I’m not up to dating or sleeping with a Thai woman given what they believe in which is I am shit because I am born I won’t do it. When I did date a Thai woman I felt like I was more of a accessory then a date the woman was deeply involved in the partying and rap music and I was a perfect fit for the image she was trying to portrayed which I found offensive as I consider myself a individual and I personally don’t like to party I can count how many times I go out in a year on both my hands.

I know what your thinking with all this BS why stay? Answers simple you can live like a king here on nothing I enjoy my life style its very relaxed and as much as the Thai people dislike me and hate me to be honest the feelings mutual. I’m sad to say that cause I wasn’t raised to be racist I wasn’t raised to believe in hate but this is what the people here project on me and I have to be thick skinned to make it the hate and frustration fuels me to get through the day sometimes… All that aside I again I want to say I do like it here I don’t want to offend anyone but truth be told I like Thailand the country I don’t really like Thai people.

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  1. I understand that to you it must seem like racism. However, the dark Thais are considered like “Rednecks” are in the US. It is not untoward that there are social differences. I have found that in many cultures that is exactly the case. The fair are considered more beautiful/handsome and of higher status. Status is important in every culture.
    Another thing: you mentioned that you are a large man. As you have noticed that most Thai are on the slight and small size. That has been written about here before that big is not better in Thailand.

  2. Hey Aztec and Rio…
    I enjoyed both your articles. Aztec, I share your feelings about the racism in Thailand. All of the glitzy ads and social sites show Thai women who have “found the man of their dreams!” Young, hot women barely out of their teens who have completely hypnotized these elderly American and Europeans men who have “left their evil, god-awful, toothless, nagging white wives for a so-=called “loving, devoted Asian woman!” Yes, I said it! Elderly WHITE men! Escaping ugly, old WHITE women! These titillating, madison avenue, online ads are enough to make ANY man, regardless of his native ethnicity, clutch his pillow at night, praying to God to give him the cash, chutzbah and the energy to get away from all these materialistic, money-grubbing, insensitive “westernized” dingbats to “find the right girl” from the mysterious orient !”
    Well, these ads really mean “White Men Only”, because, let’s face facts-it’s stil a “White Man’s World” and MOST of the Asian women picture themselves escaping their impoverished lives by hooking up with “men with money”…That means “White Guys”…It’s white guys who are seen in movies and lush picture magazines and catalogs as “winners” NO MATTER HOW IMPOSSIBLE THE ODDS ARE OF ESCAPING TOUGH SITUATION!!
    Hey brothers (yes, I am one of “those people!”), the media “portrayal” is the myth about the glory and success only the “white dudes” are capable of achieving. The Asian woman (usually poor, under-educated , “manless” and possibly stuck with a child or two) MUST take on the responsibility of escaping horrible choices they face in a friendly but grossly impoverished country…
    The Thai/Vietnamese/Phillipine woman MUST, MOST DEFINITELY “gold-dig” and “capture a man who can provide material comfort…That usually means “finding the nice (but gullable) FARANG who has retired or possibly has a business in his own country or there in Thailand, where he can afford to “take care” of a woman properly. I had 3 Thai girl friends online( at different intervals), which gave me first hand knowledge of their motivational hardships.
    Most women cannot afford the expense of a private or boarding-school education, so they team up in communal groups to take care of each other, or hit the bar scenes and prostitute themselves to take care of their kids (and often times, a unemployed husband or boyfriend living with them). The well-educated professinal women are employed (but often not gainfully) by Thai corporations. Older Thai women are even more deparate, because as my older online Thai girlfriend said ” ..older Thai women are undesirable and must work in slezy hotels cleaning toilets or other domestic work!” To give a sad older Thai girl had a neighbor who survived by being a so-called second wife to an over-weight, hairy, bad-smelling Austrian businessman(who commuted to Thailand to live with the neighborfor 3 months out of every year. THe man’s body odor and breath were gross and disgusting, but he paid for home, and paid EVERY expense and EVEN provided a spanking new bar for her. She told my girlfriend…”The man was terrible in bed and smelled like dog-excrement, but was the “trade-off” she made to stay alive!” The neighbor was the same age as my girlfriend..46 years old.!I was with this older woman online for 4 or 5 years and occasionally send her money. She appreciated my help, but, hell, I knew I was being victimized…I was lonely, and my wife hated vot zee heck!” I occasionally would call her and would here a man speaking to her like he had “just finished screwing her”..Well, I ain’t naive..Remember,cowboys, if you ain’t there to “lay the pipe”..some other turd will find their way into “your” girl’s heart AND hey, that’s “life in the big city”.! fug it!
    Back to the racial issue…they are seeking “a better life.” They do what EVERY woman does finally..and that’s “sell to the highest bidder!” Right now, White guys “have da juice”….If a brother demonstates financial muscle..a Thai women can be drawn away from her judgemental friends, and might bite for a “shack-up” or marraige deal “on the sly” Like dragging her sorry ass back to the USA along with her kids. If she is basically a decent person, she will try to make it work, but keep in mind “the white man is still “hard-wired” into the god-like, hero image role just a bout everywhere in the world. Yes, we black-folks have a long, long road of hate and racism STILL in the 21st century. It’s a crying shame, but a sad commentary…We Black guys, THINK of ourselves as heroic and “international” 007-type playboys, MOST of the world STILL sees “Uncle Chuck” as rich, famous and successful.
    Aztec, don’t feel bad about your frustration with boundless sea of Thai racists you encountered..Yes, it gets so obvious and disparaging, that “bleaching the skin” begins to seem like a viable option. When I went to Maryland University (mostly white student population) in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, I ran into this same shit “head-on!”…I was an “intelligent, middle-class Black man. I felt I could meld and relate to the white hippies..I even emulated the then-popular Black-hippie, Jimmy Hendrix image…I thought the white folks would “embrace me into their cultural fish pond”with open, liberal minds..” Until, one day, my so-called “hippy dippy psychodelic” friends informed that I was not invited to their “groovey” pot party because the guys were afraid the girls would not be cool about my being a “spade” (college-educated white’s term for “nigger”)..If the girls were uncomfortable, they of course would not be agreeable sex partners…. Hmmmmm. Time to join the BSU (Black Student Union) and stop believing “I was one of THEM.”
    I have talked too much already…but in closing..hey you Bro’s who like Asian ladies…you will have MUCH better luck with Phillipine woman..Racism is no where as grotesque as it is in other Asian countries..I get 10 15 response EVERYDAY…Use you BEST judgement and don’t be naive.! I recommend Cherry Blossoms, Date in Asia, and Chi-Fishing..Good Luck.!
    Rob P…an Educated consumer..hahahaha.!

  3. I am sorry to read your story. But if you lived here long enough you would understand that the culture here is the same as in China “the darker your skin…the lower class you are” That is because they ( the indigenous population) perceive you as a manual worker from the fields and not a “HI-SO ” person who has an education and works in an office and therefore never sees the sun, whereas a lower class peasant farming rice or whatever will get suntanned.

    There is nothing less attractive that an Asian women who has hidden herself from the sun and applies whitening cream, because she wants to be like a western person where white skin, (in their view displays wealth.) How Sad!.. They almost look anemic.

    Please understand that their level of humanity and education and western life experience are far removed from western society where the colour of skin does not really matter.

    Do not blame them….this is the way their culture works and despite their so called Buddhist beliefs of the basic 5 rules, they are more snobbish and arrogant of their position in life than most westerners are and material wealth is EVERYTHING.

    Hence you see the mobile phone in their hands 24/7 so that they can show onlookers that they have the money to afford a phone, or they dine at Mc Donalds or KFC to show the world that they can afford it. Why …because in their misguided understanding of the western culture they believe that if they do these things that are done in the West then it shows wealth. What a poor mindset they have.

    And maybe in a few years in Thailand they might conduct a study as to why all their kids have become fatter. It saddens me to see “Hi-So” kids eating at Mcdonalds or KFC which is really Cholesterol building and life threatening food ( just look at Americans obesity), just because they feel that if they are seen eating there, it will show that thy can afford western food which is far more expensive that the local Thai dishes.

    Sadly most of these material gains ( cars ..Tvs …cell phones and all other associated useless gadgets) are paid for from credit cards that they will never be able to repay. BUT SHOW is everything in Asia and losing FACE is not on the cards.

    So do not beat yourself up because you are black. It is more difficult here in Asia to be accepted ….if at all, with your skin colour.

    To summarise….they live a life of show and will never admit that they are making mistakes, because they just do not have the worldwide education to understand the real value of life. Where does this come from…… Have a guess

  4. Hey man, I’m sorry to read this, but Dan is right. There is the culture thing that says how more black the skin, how social lower you are. Dark skinned Thai are asumed to work in the open air, like construction builders/rice fields etc.
    But it can be different too. I am white, yes, but I am raised with respect for any rase. I don’t want to be involved with any kind of racism.
    My wife is Thai. When I met her I told her I am not rich, duvorced

  5. Hey man, I’m sorry to read this, but Dan is right. There is the culture thing that says how more black the skin, how social lower you are. Dark skinned Thai are asumed to work in the open air, like construction builders/rice fields etc. But it can be different too. I am white, yes, but I am raised with respect for any rase. I don’t want to be involved with any kind of racism. My wife is Thai. When I met her I told her I am not rich, divorced and I have the kids at home. I live in the west if Europe.
    She has a dark skin and I really do not care about that. I told her that I did not care about any color or rase and that I am raised that way.
    In times we needed the money to get married or to finance other things, she took care of a lot of things and also for income. She even did have workdays of 16 hours, but she did gain the money. She never asked something in return and thinks twice before spending money. We do have the same thoughts about a lot of things and from the beginning the relation felt if we know eachother for years.
    Maybe I am lucky that I met her. My kids, all in the very nice age of teenagers and ready to have critism on everything, adore her. She makes time to talk with them, laugh with them, etc. One can say there is a serious “click” between my Thai wife and my family.
    She does nor hide for the sun and us not ashamed anymore of herself being black.
    I know in Thailand there is a thing against black skinned people, but that is deep in their culture, like was said before. I think it is generally, not personally against you. Also against black skinned Thai people.
    I’m married for quiet some time now with her and we love eachother very much. (In the time we met, it took about 4 months of dating and lots of talking before we were convinced we would go on with eachother and after years I have still no regrets about this, for both, big step).

  6. I was born and raised in Thailand but have been living in the US for a long time. Sorry to hear about your experience. I have to admit that racism is everywhere in te world and especially in Thailand. Original Thais usually have very tan and dark skin and mostly are from Isaan or from the South of Thailand. From central part of Thailand you will also notice some dark Thais as well. Over hundred years ago, Chinese people immigranted to Thailand.

    They were very poor, but because of their hard work, they became very successful in almost everything in Thailand. They even changed their last name into Thai. They own almost every businesses in Thailand. They don’t want their children to marry to the Thais. They think the Thais are lazy, not very successful and also because of their dark skin. You might see some dark skin Chineses, they usually are mixed with Thais. When they are in Thailand, they would like to be called that they are Chinese. When they fly out of the country(Thailand) they have Thai passport so they consider themselves as Thai. I really don’t have anything against Chinese people in Thailand but I just want to let you know about the reality from an insider. Most of original Thai people in the old days were farmers and that’s why they look so tan/dark. Asians in general are really into white skin and even Indians who live in Thailand as well. They want to be white and they will try to do whatever they could to look white. Sometimes, it is even more than the US.

  7. I just want to say that i am a white guy in Thailand. Anybody who feels unhappy here because of his/her skin color can get it touch with me, hang out with me, use me if you will to get appreciated by others. But let me also tell you that i would at times like to be darker, just for not everybody staring at me.

  8. Sorry to hear your story like a racism. I am a Thai woman who can explain Thais’feeling with the dark guy better foreigners (I think so, sorry if I’m wrong) These below are the reason why Thais dislike the dark guy:
    1.Mostly Thai people are also dark or tan
    (except half Thai/half Chinese that I’m the one of those)
    So, they would like to be white. If you are here for awhile , you can see the ads on Thai TV usually present only Whitening cream for both male and female (but in Western TV only present Tan cream) lol.
    2. We have recieved the influence from American or Western movies, the good guy is always white ,opposite side the bad guy or gangster always dark.
    So,they’re afraid with the dark guy.
    3.Mostly white or western people are looking good (so beautiful and handsome),looking clean ,look so smart and very kind.
    So, they prefer the white guy.

    Nevertheless,deep down inside they did not intend to object the dark guy until they are close to you and learn you more ,they will be accepted your goodness. To be proud the way you are, nobody perfects in this world.
    If I choose ,I will choose the dark guy but kind person better than the white but awful guy. Good luck for your life in my country.

  9. I am white girl, have been living in Bangkok for a while. Yes, Thai people are racists. And they don’t ashamed of this. And not only to black people. To be an Indian in Thailand is even worst than a black one. I like black guys. So if you want to have a coffee or hang out, drop me a line, I will be very glad 🙂 bangkokgirl55 at gmail dot com

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