Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales To splice or not to splice? Read the previous post “Sucked In”. In my opinion, it’s best not to, but not all of my mates agree with that, so I’ve got some of them sitting here now with me to ask them their views and for their advice before giving my own. Surprisingly, …

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Sucked In

Sucked In Ok, mate, so you’ve been sucked in. You don’t realise it now but you need help. This post will help you to find your way out of your stupor. Now, I’m writing this on my tod this time, so I’m going to ask my mates to chip in later to help me out …

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Dogs Love ‘em; hate ‘em. They bark loudly; they foul the path; they bite; they can give you rabbies. They can also be faithful friends; protect you and give you companionship and lot of pleasure; as well as healthy psychological benefits. Who cares? There seems to be millions of them in Thailand, and Bangkok is …

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