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Beggars can be choosers

Bangkok is awash with beggars; they usually crowd any of the countless passenger bridges that cross Bangkok’s streets, Sky train stations or other well-known areas of the city. I don’t usually give anything unless their situation seems exceedingly desperate. Young children, old folk and the odd disabled person will get a few Baht from me, …

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Tones Are Hard

As anyone who has tried learning Thai knows, it is a very difficult language, the basics are easy enough but the tones are the real killer. Thai is a tonal language, the same word can have up to 5 meanings depending on the tone used. Tones are a completely foreign concept to westerners, we simply …

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Tuk-Tuks Are Evil

I consider Tuk-Tuks to be one of the worst aspects of Thailand. The drivers are often rude, they are noisy, they think they own the road and they try to rip you off for everything you have. Most foreign ex-pats in Bangkok will tell you the same thing, yet the Tuk-Tuk remains a symbol of …

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