The Farang

High on Rice

I’m not sure if Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Mingkwan Sangsuwan has been mainlining rice extract but I have to ask after reading this: Mingkwan said the continuing trend would help turn Southeast Asia into a prosperous region, comparable even with the Middle East. First let’s overlook the fact that Mingkwan has not sung …

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Welcome to Hell

Several trips ago I picked up the paperback book Welcome to Hell by Colin Martin and read it on the flight back to Farangland.  I gave it to a friend when I was finished and he recently he returned it to me.  I remember it being an entertaining (and frightening) read at the time but …

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Asian Sweetheart, Dean Barrett and Perceptions of Thailand

I really, really love Asian Sweetheart’s site but I feel that she has a very slanted view of farangs.  I don’t think she means any harm by it but the words she chooses often betray her underlying feelings.  She recently chose to use Dean Barrett’s book “The Go-Go Dancer Who Stole My Viagra And Other …

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