Vexed Client Extorted by Fat Prostitute

It’s one of those “Only in Thailand” sorts of headlines. I assume that skinny prostitutes extorting vexed clients is perfectly okay. I mean, what does her being overweight have to do with this story and why is it in the leadoff sentence? You can thank TravelHappy for the catch.

Smoking Weeds

Another interesting article in the Bangkok Post. Many teenagers in Bangkok liked to use marijuana, followed by amphetamines and weeds, according Abac Poll for Assumption University. The poll’s recent study on drug abusers was conducted in Bangok involving people between 12 and 65 years old from 2,452 households from January 2 to 17, 2009. 43.6 …

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Paedophiles Love Thais

Whenever I read the English press in Thailand there always seems to be a phrase or quote that just makes you scratch your head.  In this story about a paedophile ring down in Pattaya they quote Pol Col Suwitpol as saying the following: ”Most of the foreigners who bought children from the service have been …

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