It was one of those evenings where the elements had conspired to produce the kind of sunset that is only ever seen in the pages of National Geographic magazine. A photograph you see, while idly flicking through its glossy pages, that makes you stop and open the page right out and think wow, I wish …

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Singing with Kipling

It was the choir’s conductor announcing the next number that bought me from my reverie. The last thing I remembered was Ken, our baritone soloist pounding out “On the road to Mandalay” in his own inimitable style. One of the lines of the song evoked a memory that triggered my day dream but what it …

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Duong and Englebert

Duong says that i have the legs of a ninety year old.I’m forty six. “Why everything hurt”? she asks as her vice like hands force my skinny white, non supple limbs, into positions that they were never meant to be put into. “I think you take lady too much” she accuses. I whimper and groan …

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